• 3Dynamic

    Seago’s completely redesigned flagship lifejacket. Our design team have combined a range of new features in one lifejacket that ensures elite performance and safety, together with maximum comfort.

  • Active

    The new range of Active lifejackets from Seago have been designed to combine maximum comfort with outstanding performance. You won’t know it’s there until it’s needed.

  • Classic 190

    Designed for extended offshore sailing & racing with UML Pro Sensor head for easy checks.

  • Seaguard

    The versatile Seaguard 165 is an updated design of a popular lifejacket model that we have been selling for more than a decade.

  • Seaguard Fishing

    A lightweight low profile lifejacket designed for fishing.

  • Waveguard Junior

    The new Seago Waveguard Junior lifejacket is a revelation in design, comfort and safety, incorporating the S Design lung and easy fit buckle as well as upgraded material.