3 in 1 System

An auto inflating recovery system with , danbuoy, lifebuoy, recovery strop and light.


The Seago 3 in 1 Recovery system is a compact automatically inflating marker buoy with lifebuoy and recovery strop which is the perfect solution for a man overboard situation. The 3 in 1 Recovery system is the ideal replacement for a traditional foam filled horseshoe buoy and rigid danbuoy, the 3 in 1 is weighted and has a sea anchor all packed in a neat waterproof container that fits to a pushpit with a simple clamp system provided.

Rearm using Seago 60g Auto rearming kit – KIT 11

• Neat compact container
• Robust stainless steel fittings
• Burst hinge protects container and sling
• Automatic light
• Automatic inflation
• Stainless steel carbine with jackstay webbing
• Rapid deployment
• Simple to maintain
• Reusable

Container size (mm): H300 x W250 x D130


Neon yellow


Nylon TPU

Inflation Method

Automatic on contact with water

Special features

automatic light, danbuoy, lifebuoy, oral top-up tube, Rail mountable waterproof storage container, rapid deployment setup, Recovery strop, sea drogue


Danbuoy is 2m from top of lifebuoy when inflated

Packed dimensions

Container size: 12.5cm x 23cm x 30cm


Automatic multi-flash LED