The new range of Active lifejackets from Seago have been designed to combine maximum comfort with outstanding performance. You won’t know it’s there until it’s needed. Available in 3 colours so there is something for everyone.


Active lifejackets have high volume buoyancy together with unique safety features. This jacket is the first choice for those with safety and convenience in mind. The introduction of Cylinder Safe and S Design lung features demonstrate Seago’s ongoing investment in safety innovation. The 3D contour design reduces the surface area in contact with your body making the lifejacket almost unnoticeable for both men and women.

Available in various combinations:

Active Pro 190 is the top model with spray hood and light packed in the lifejacket.

Check the Seago brochure for more details on models.



190, 300

Firing Mechanism

Auto, Hammar, Manual, Pro Sensor


Light *Pro model only*, Spray hood *Pro model only*, 'S' Design lung, Cylinder Safe, Zip closer


Sky blue, Red, Navy