Seago Servicing

Seago is the official service agent for all Seago liferafts and lifejackets. Seago can offer the best pricing, expertise and turn around possible because we are the manufacturer of Seago lifesaving products. Our technicians are highly trained and work in a controlled environment.

Seago liferafts

Seago liferafts have a 18 year warranty and should be serviced every 3 years until they are 12 years old. After the 12th year the service interval is annual until it is 18 years old.

Seago lifejackets

The latest Seago lifejackets are made to ISO 12402 and come with a 5 guarantee. Lifejackets should have a professional service every year as well as regular checks by the user.

Other Safety equipment

Other Seago safety equipment may also need servicing at intervals such as the RP500, RP500 Plus, inflatable danbuoys and horseshoe buoys. It is important to check your equipment and make sure it is in service date.

Servicing costs

Liferaft service pricing:

NOTE: Services on VALISE models may end up with different measurements from when originally received due to vacuum forming. If you require specific dimensions please inform us prior to servicing.

ISO 9650-2 Sea Cruiser / GX /G

Size (Person) Certificate  3 years Certificate 2 years Certificate 1 year
4 £279.00 £249.00 £229.00
6 £289.00 £269.00 £249.00
8 £299.00 £279.00 £259.00
10 £309.00 £289.00 £279.00

ISO 9650-1 Sea master

Size (Person) Certificate  3 years Certificate 2 years Certificate 1 year
4 £329.00 £309.00 £289.00
6 £339.00 £319.00 £299.00
8 £349.00 £329.00 £309.00
10 £359.00 £339.00 £319.00
12 £369.00 £349.00 £329.00

An additional charge of £34.99 for a hydro test (only applicable for liferafts 7 years old and over)

Liferafts older than 9 years will be subject to either 2 year or 1 year certificate pricing depending on the actual age of the liferaft. Liferafts older than 12 years will be subject to the 1 year certificate price.

Fast track service available (72 hour turn around from receipt of raft) £34.99

Collection & return carriage for liferafts:
Drop off point – Free (check here for details: service points )
Mainland UK – £24.99
Highlands – £40.00
Islands – POA

All prices are inclusive of vat.

Lifejacket service pricing:

C02 Manual Automatic UML Hammar
20g – 38g £21.95 £24.95 £44.95
60g NA £34.95 £54.95

All brands and models are accepted for service.

No hidden extra costs. Pricing above is inclusive of a rearming kit.

To send your lifejacket to Seago:

Remove the co2 cylinder before packing and use royal mail or a carrier.
If you have several lifejackets and you would like Seago to arrange collection the cost is £8.50 per box up to 30kg. Please call seago for a collection: 01825 873 567

Send lifejackets to:

Deanland Business Park
Golden Cross
East Sussex
BN27 3RP

Return of your serviced lifejackets will be £8.50 per carton up to 30kg.

All prices are inclusive of vat.